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VDOT Public Meeting
Posted on May 21st, 2018

Virginia Department of Transportation is administering this project on behalf of the Town of Leesburg. This is an important project that will help to ease traffic congestion and improve safety, capacity and operations at these busy intersections.


This is an opportunity for everyone to learn about the improvements and to provide input to help us determine the best solution for addressing the challenges associated with this location. Please invite anyone that you may think would benefit from this meeting as well as family and friends.


Attached is a flyer about this event and the proposed improvements. VDOT has created a project website: where more information about the project can be found.


I am available to answer any questions related to the project and will be at the hearing too.

Hope to see you all there.




Zamir Mirza

Senior Project Manager

Location and Design

4975 Alliance Drive

Fairfax VA 22030

Tel: 703 259 1794