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Winter Reminders
Posted on Jan 24th, 2019

Snow management on the public roads (in the Single Family sections and on Battlefield Parkway) is addressed by the Town of Leesburg.  They follow a snow management plan that addresses main roads and emergency routes first, and then others.  Complete information about snow management by the Town can be found on their website at .  They have a snow hotline for questions during a storm at 703-777-SNOW, as well as an online form to report issues.  The Town asks that cars and other obstructions be moved from the curbs to make it easier for the plows to address the roads.  There are always questions about plows piling snow on driveways.  The website provides some tips on minimizing this issue.

Snow management on the HOA’s private roads (in the Townhome sections) is addressed by our contractor, Heritage Landscape Services.  HLS will provide services when accumulations are in excess of 2”.  For heavy accumulation storms, their protocol is to create 1 passable lane and follow up with widening after the storm ends.  They will not plow curb to curb and will only address parking spots if there are 3 consecutive spots without vehicles, to minimize the risk of damage to parked vehicles.  The HOA will email plow updates through the Community Pro portal (register and opt in for communication at

It should be noted that plow operators often work long shifts and the trucks have slower stopping times.  With that in mind, pedestrians are asked to stay out of the roads while plows are present and to discourage children from sledding/playing in the roads.

Trash collection is often disrupted during a snow event.  The Town website ( will provide updates and there’s a link to sign up for their alerts and Facebook page.  When the HOA is alerted, a message will be posted to the HOA website, but we encourage homeowners to sign up for alerts directly through the Town’s alert systems for quick updates.

Residents are reminded that you are responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks adjacent to your home within 24 hours of the event of a snow/ice event.  This requirement is by Town code.